Sunday, 27 June 2010


Now I'm not one for going to a huge amount of effort to fight eve celebrities like fellow blogger Mr Kadavr is, However, if one happens to fly by I'll willingly offer them a 1v1 if I can match there ship class. The other day I was all chillin' at Thukker Mix in my home system of Ardar, and who should enter local but Prometheus Exenthal, most known for his FRIGANK series which if you haven't seen check it out, its got some pretty fly music, and in one he bumps a Rupture in an Enyo which is like totally awesome. Anyway, after enquiring as to the nature of his boat, I find out he's in a Cyclone so I offer him a battlecruiser 1v1, unfortunately I don't have any of the cool tier 1 battlecruisers fit up, only a Hurricane and a Myrmidon so I offer him the choice and he opts to fight my cane.

Annoyingly there is a lame Amarr gang camping Thukker Mix when I undock, fortunately though THEIR CRIMINAL WAYS WILL NEVER PROVAIL and they fail to tackle myself or Prometheus, they do have probes out though, and they had seen in local that we were gunna have some boat violence in a safe.

Using all of our internet spaceship cunning we manage to lose them with the in genius plan of jumping into the next system to fight, Prometheus safes up and I warp to him to commence battle, I land right on top of him and we immediately scram each other, Caldari Navy Hellfire Assault Missiles start tearing through my shields, thermal ay seems he'd wrongly assumed me of being a FOTM shield cane \o/

I switch on the tracking disruptor, web him, start staggering my 2x medium neuts and settle into an orbit. His boosting is pretty mighty at first but then the effects of the Neuts become glaringly obvious. Prometheus's shields fade and his Cyclone is not long for this universe. GF GF


  1. Will be adding you shortly to the EVE Online Blogroll!

  2. \0/ another winner my friend! lol post!