Monday, 21 June 2010

Kicking it Old Skool

I've been spending loads of isk recently, roaming far and wide, and losing many many ships. So I thought I'd take a lil time out to go back to my roots BLOWING UP NOOB THRASHERS IN METROPOLIS \o/

I log on just before downtime in Ardar, low and behold what do I see, but a few day old Thrasher running a mission. Clearly this is the perfect opportunity to test out my new Loki, being that it is totally not overkill to gank a noob Thrasher in a t3. I undock probe him down and warp in. DOH can't use a Loki on the acceleration gate apparently. So I dock up and grab the dram. KABOOM! That was satisfying.

While rocking in a safe with GCC an old local comes into system named Shilo Harris, he is flying the MIGHTY battle Atron frigate, so we agree to a 1v1 and I fit up an honourable battle boat in the form of a Slasher. I landed at 30k from Shilo and immediately he speeds towards me HIS NEUTRONS SHINING WITH NULL FUELED OBLIVION. I turn on the heat and manage to hold range at 7k raining fiery barrage death from the 200mm's on my Slasher. Shilo then explodes.

While waiting out GCC again in my Slasher , I notice the Thrasher pilot from earlier enter local, on the off chance I warp to where his mission was. OH YEAH land at 0 on his Stabber ITS ON NOW BOUY the Slasher enters orbit and begins to unload its awesome dps. The Stabber finaly EXPLODES GLORIOUSLY.

I safe up and log off as downtime approaches.


  1. Effing. Win.

    I wish I was talking about my Atron skills, instead I'm talking about seriously the best blog in all the interwebz. Great blog Shani :)