Tuesday 29 June 2010

Lookin' Fly

Just a short update to show off my fly new blog banner made by my homie Sassy B.

Sassy's work is viewable here, he is available for commissions on sigs and banners and he assures me all space monies earned from such endeavours will go towards community out reach schemes in and around the Metropolis area, so not only will you look all pimpin' on internet spaceship forums but you'll be helping to support your community \o/

As for me, I jumped into, and collapsed a wormhole before I logged last night, so I'm now AN INTREPID MAVERICK TRAVALLING THROUGH UNKNOWN SPACE PRESERVING JUSTICE.

Will Lady S get out of the wormhole ?

What will happen to Ardar without half of Kenssy Fried Chicken Kru there to fight bad and wrong and stuff ?

Will PERSEPHONE ASTRID bake me an awesome pink cake with chocolate swirly bits on ?

Find out next time on..


Sunday 27 June 2010


Now I'm not one for going to a huge amount of effort to fight eve celebrities like fellow blogger Mr Kadavr is, However, if one happens to fly by I'll willingly offer them a 1v1 if I can match there ship class. The other day I was all chillin' at Thukker Mix in my home system of Ardar, and who should enter local but Prometheus Exenthal, most known for his FRIGANK series which if you haven't seen check it out, its got some pretty fly music, and in one he bumps a Rupture in an Enyo which is like totally awesome. Anyway, after enquiring as to the nature of his boat, I find out he's in a Cyclone so I offer him a battlecruiser 1v1, unfortunately I don't have any of the cool tier 1 battlecruisers fit up, only a Hurricane and a Myrmidon so I offer him the choice and he opts to fight my cane.

Annoyingly there is a lame Amarr gang camping Thukker Mix when I undock, fortunately though THEIR CRIMINAL WAYS WILL NEVER PROVAIL and they fail to tackle myself or Prometheus, they do have probes out though, and they had seen in local that we were gunna have some boat violence in a safe.

Using all of our internet spaceship cunning we manage to lose them with the in genius plan of jumping into the next system to fight, Prometheus safes up and I warp to him to commence battle, I land right on top of him and we immediately scram each other, Caldari Navy Hellfire Assault Missiles start tearing through my shields, thermal ay seems he'd wrongly assumed me of being a FOTM shield cane \o/

I switch on the tracking disruptor, web him, start staggering my 2x medium neuts and settle into an orbit. His boosting is pretty mighty at first but then the effects of the Neuts become glaringly obvious. Prometheus's shields fade and his Cyclone is not long for this universe. GF GF

Monday 21 June 2010

Kicking it Old Skool

I've been spending loads of isk recently, roaming far and wide, and losing many many ships. So I thought I'd take a lil time out to go back to my roots BLOWING UP NOOB THRASHERS IN METROPOLIS \o/

I log on just before downtime in Ardar, low and behold what do I see, but a few day old Thrasher running a mission. Clearly this is the perfect opportunity to test out my new Loki, being that it is totally not overkill to gank a noob Thrasher in a t3. I undock probe him down and warp in. DOH can't use a Loki on the acceleration gate apparently. So I dock up and grab the dram. KABOOM! That was satisfying.

While rocking in a safe with GCC an old local comes into system named Shilo Harris, he is flying the MIGHTY battle Atron frigate, so we agree to a 1v1 and I fit up an honourable battle boat in the form of a Slasher. I landed at 30k from Shilo and immediately he speeds towards me HIS NEUTRONS SHINING WITH NULL FUELED OBLIVION. I turn on the heat and manage to hold range at 7k raining fiery barrage death from the 200mm's on my Slasher. Shilo then explodes.

While waiting out GCC again in my Slasher , I notice the Thrasher pilot from earlier enter local, on the off chance I warp to where his mission was. OH YEAH land at 0 on his Stabber ITS ON NOW BOUY the Slasher enters orbit and begins to unload its awesome dps. The Stabber finaly EXPLODES GLORIOUSLY.

I safe up and log off as downtime approaches.

Thursday 10 June 2010

The Neutrons that go BOOM!

I was so so excited, I'd just bought and fit up a new Enyo. Yeah I know people think its one of the worst assault frigs, HOWEVER speakers on the front and PHAT tail pipes more than make up for having only 2 mid slots and terribad agility.
I undock, system empty, warp to Frerstorn, oh a Wolf, perfect. Seems he's on a station, warp to check it out anyway, he locks me up AWESOME, lock back hold ready to fire as soon as he attacks.

Waiting …........waiting...........still waiting

DAM IT I FIRED, OH NO GCC, WARP WARP WARP. Oh NOW he decides to agress he points me dam it I'm toast. Wait hang on he's hitting hull I might actually kill him and get out HEAT EVERYTHING, I MIGHT SURVIVE HE'S NOW PASSED HALF HULL

I didn't survive :(

well that was pretty stupid of me, so much for my shiny new Enyo. OR MAYBE IT WASN'T MY FAULT......NO OF COURSE NOT clearly its cos I'm in low sec where horrible things like sentries exist, time to adventure into 0.0 for a bit. I hop into an implant less clone and start deciding on what boats to use.

After some roams with a few kills some fun skirmishes and many losses, I decide that clearly I'm not using a fancy enough boat. Luckily a friend of mine in Genos, suggests that we go on a fancy boat roam, he's in his Loki, so I pop into my Vigilant and we head to The Great Wildlands.

After many empty systems we come across what looks like an engage able gang, 2 Vagabonds, a Hurricane, and a Broadsword. We jump past them and start burning off the gate, a Vaga, and the Broadsword appear first, as intended the Vaga rushes for me. Then a Blackbird we didn't know was there warps in at range and Jams Matsumoto's Loki. Unfortunately for the Blackbird, his ranged warp in was directly in front of where we were burning. I lock him up and the Vigilant's Neutrons make very quick work of him.
With the Ewar gone, we turn our attention back to the vaga now a good 100k off his gang, however my shields are already stripped on my shield tanked boat.
The Vaga's shield drop fast....until....CAPACITOR IS EMPTY. My guns turn off I've been mwding for ages and its taken its toll, I hit hull as I'm spamming my guns to try and get them back on, Matsumoto is slowly beating the Vaga's peak recharge but unless my guns go back on I'd go down first. I hit 60% hull...and.......

YES guns back on. The Vaga goes Kaboom and I warp my flaming ship out

Gosh that was exciting