Sunday 26 June 2011

WAR! Deal with it

The HONOURABLE HYDRA RELOADED has been wardecced by KRIMINAL HENCHMEN, The Orphanage. This being the first time I've been in a propper war, I was eager to DISH OUT JUSTIC and engage in HONOURABLE COMBAT with our aggressors.


Flying my reaper class war vessel I noticed a small camp a few jumps from Hek A HARBINGER AND A HURRIKANE. I flew to Hek and quickly put together a DRAEK OF STRONGST HONOURABILITY, and returned. I jumped into them and burned as they locked me up. At first I tried to separate them before realising neither had propulsion mods, only MIGHTY SENSOR BOOSTERS. Sooooo I changed plan.

I started bombarding the harbinger from range, then when he hit half armour I started burning in for the kill. HOWEVER before I got into heated point range he warped. LEAVING THE HURRIKAN TO FACE JUSTIC ALONE. The cane was arty with no prop mod so getting into a tight orbit of him was trivial. He exploded soon after I tackled him.



So there I was in Hek fitting a TARANIS WAR VESSEL to head out on petrol with. I proceeded to undock and be met by a JAGEAR ATTAK BOAT, soon aided by a VAGABOND WAR SHIP, and RUPTURE KLASS VESSAL. So I docked PUT ON SUNGLASSES and undocked my WALF BOAT. It didn't take much to get the Jag 100k off of his friends and I began making war at him. He held me at 9km while missing me with short range ammo HAIL. Eventually he MADE EXPLODE.

Unfortunately It was slightly to late for my Wolf to escape and I got tackled and popped.


I started fitting a DRAEK. Then my client crashed because of incarna. THEN I LOGGED BACK ON and finished my Draek.

It took a lot of on grid warping and the arrival of a harbinger to bolst the orphanages confidence enough to engage. The rupture was replaced by a malediction and the jag pilot had a new jag.

Eventually the vaga pilot slipped and I managed to achieve tackle. WITH THIS HIS FATE WAS SEALED and I made violence upon his hac. I then turned on the Malediction who had me tackled but he managed to escape. NEXT VICTIM was a neutral RR exequror. Whom I exploded from 50k using SCURGE HEAVY MSSALS. I docked and banked the Vaga loot before the next round.

A jag and another vagabond were waiting for me outside. I chose my moment to agress and again MADE EXPLODE on the pilots 2nd Jag. The vaga held range but even though I did at one point manage to get a web on him I didn't have the cap to mwd and hold him down. So I Docked to repair my shields.

AGAIN I UNDOCKED. Into 2x armour Hurricanes and a Harbinger. I was easily manage to hold range on them and eventually BLEW UP THE FIRST CANE, Piloted by the pilot who had already lost 2 jags.

THEN DISASTER. The malediction had refit a scrambler and tackled me long enough to allow the other cane to get webs on. Obviously I was unable to tank an armour cane AND a Harb so my draek VALIANTLY EXPLODED, and I left my pod empty of implants on grid as to get podded back to where I would soon be partaking in a HYDRA VIKTORY ROAM.


Wednesday 22 June 2011


To celebrate incarna and the begining of LADY SHANIQUAS SHOE COLLECTION OF JUSTIC.
I made myself a new sig, showing AN AMARRRRRRIAN LAZOR SHOE wat has just violenced a Kriminal Stiletto.

you have to click on the link below cos i'm not clever enough to add the image to the blog without cutting it in half :(

Monday 20 June 2011

Tanking like a Hero

Today I managed to find time for a lil roam in a JUSTIC ISSUE STABBA, kindly donated to the forces of justice by Alice Mariska.
After roaming through Geminite and finding nothing but a UPS gang, which, although I toyed with for a while, proved un-viable to fight as both a FALCAN DISHONOUR BOAT and RAPIER SLOWING VESSAL were brought onto the field.

Eventually. in FDZ4-A I came across A LOITERING PIRAT MAN in a Cyclone 200km off of a station. I burned for the Kriminal , he locked me on my approach, and began splattering ac fire towards me. THIS MAN WAS PREPARED FOR BATTAL. Knowing there was no way I could win a straight up slug fest in the fit i was flying, I decided to kite his gun damage while denting his tank with emp until he was dry on cap boosters.
I settled into a comfortable orbit of 16km utilizing my mwd when needed to maintain range and tackle.


The first challenge came when the enimie hornets were deployed. THESE NEEDED TO DIE!
I was obviously unable to track hornets in tight orbit of my boat. So I had to run my mwd for some time, gaining range and popping them one by one, this took some time as the pirat man was cleverly recycling his drones. This wrecked havoc on my cap, almost allowing him to leave my point range, and also increased my sig so that his HML's the only weapon in his arsenal doing damage to me were hurting ALOT more.


As mentioned earlier the Cyclone's missiles were hitting, although they dont do heavy damage this was a LONG fight where I was doing tankable damage in order to wear down the enimies supply of 800s. This also made this by default a competion of WHO HAS ENOUGH AMMO. The pirates FACTION HEAVY MISSALS eventually took me to peak recharge and would of with some more time beaten my tank.

but then

his faction missile stock was dry \o/ and his damage was manageable. HOWEVER i had already run out of emp, and was mostly through my phased plasma. It looked like the Cyclone pilot may of run out of or low on 800s though, as he was getting occasional armour bleed. As the last of my plasma ammo spat out of my 425s I had one option left
IF I WAS TO PRVAIL LIKE A TRUE MEMBER OF THE HYDRA RELOADED JUSTIC SQUAD. Of course, the Cyclone may well of been baiting me, as he had obviously, from how he had kept his tank at peak recharge been very skilled at cap conservation with his shield booster.

I loaded RF fusion, and closed into range of his scrambler with the simple plan
It seemed he had run out of 800s as hoped and my autocannons ripped chunks out of his armour before melting the Cyclone structure.


P.S. A big congratulations for all of those in my corp and alliance who made a controversial, but well deserved 1st and 2nd place happen in the alliance torny last night. Especially to Laedy who is a hero