Thursday 25 November 2010

WTB Internetz

For those of you wondering about the current infrequency of HIGH OCTANE JUSTIC BATTAL REPORTS, I can assure you I HAVE NOT MAD POLIC RETIREMENT. I'm currently without internetz as i have just moved house IRL and normal polic patrols will resume as soon as i get round to getting connected.

Monday 8 November 2010


The KFCK JUSTIC ENFORCMANT TEAM haven't been able to log on much recently in order to ENFORCE THE GALLANTA POLIC LAWS, However on Saturday night we managed to find time for a short patrol in RIFTER SPACE BOATS

The evening began with a small engagement with the kriminal lowlife known as EVE UNIVERSITY, who were loitering in Ardar. A rather standard engagement we took down a Raptor before the main blob landed. Sassy then managed to make warp. I was pointed by a Stiletto, so I burned away then flipped my Rifter justice boat around and tackled the kriminal inty. Unfortunately, as I started violencing the kriminal boat standard eve uni practice of DROP THE ECM DRONEZ FROM OUR BLOB ON THE RIFTAH kicked in and I got locked out. :(

I Jumped into a new Rifter and we decided to head Evati way, all seemed rather uneventful until we ran into PIRAT KORPARATION THE BASTARDS. My Rifter landed on the Orfrold gate in Egmar to be confronted by pilots TFS Tibbs in a Wolf Boat and TheHermit in a Crow. Sassy was one jump behind, and we had no idea if more Bastards loomed on the other side of the gate. We came to the decision that an AF and an Inty were no match for DUBBAL RIFTAR, and that we'd go for them and hope nothing we couldn't violence jumped in. I locked them up and got in a tight orbit on Tibbs's Wolf, Rf Fusion loaded in heated 150s, waiting for Sassy to land on grid. As soon as Sassy's Rifter got in Dscan range the over confident pirates opened fire on me. I tackled the Wolf as Sassy B's Rifter boat burst out of warp and we lit him up. As Tibbs entered hull Sassy B peeled off to try and land tackle on the Crow. I promptly finished ADMINISTERING JUSTIC TO THE PIRAT MAN. The Wolf exploded with me in 30% armour and the Crow lingered longer than he should of trying to finish me. Sassy B Unleashed OFFICIAL POLIC WEBBING AND SCRAMBLING WEAPANS upon him, enabling us to MAKE JUSTIC!