Sunday 27 April 2014

RIFTER: JUSTICE EDITION, Featuring black paint smeared on the end of the Rifter FOR ADDED JUSTIC!

So I've been stuck fighting injustice IRL, which is far less fun than fighting injustice in fighty shooty spaceboats. Far more paperwork and talking, not enough HIGH OCTANE SPAC BATTALS.
So I've been very pleased to be back in internet space.

And even more pleased to find on my return, that you can now get OVERPRICED VANITY RIFTERS!

So I obviously bought one. It made sense that a fancy Rifter deserved a special fitting, even though it has the same abilities as a normal Rifter. BUT IT NOW COMES WITH ADDED BLACK BITS, WHICH MAKE IT MAGICAL LIKE A SPACE UNICORN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.
I'm not going to reveal the fit because at time of posting it's still alive, but I will say its a variant I made on one of my old polic partner SASSY B's fits, and I like it muchly. Despite the fact that I had to make it run away from a merlin :(
Also it's not got any faction, just T2 and named so don't be disappointed if you blow me up and don't get any fancy loot.

It took some time, surprisingly, to get a fight, it took TWO WHOLE DAYS in fact. I should of made battle with an Incursus but PIRAT KORPARATION "THE BASTARDS" PILOT WOULD NOT COME NEAR ME, DESPITE LANDING ON GRID TWICE WITH MY RIFTER WARSHIP!

Eventually my Rifter got christened apprehending a pilot who was ILLEGALLY PILOTING A DESTROYA CLASS VESSAL WHILE INTOXICATED 

Refreshed from the warm glow of enforcing justice, I once again took to patrolling the skies in my Rifter Justice Edition today. Metropolis seemed safe until I jumped into Resbroko. where I spotted a SUSPICIOUS LOOKING BRACHER WARBOAT! in a faction warfare plex. I went in to investigate.

As I landed on the acceleration gate, an IMPERAL NAVY SLICA was on my overview, He had just activated the gate and was clearly an AMMARR KRIMINAL off to harass the brave Bracher freedom fighter. THIS I COULD NOT ALLOW!

I landed in the plex in time to see the Breacher escape. Though I was 21km off the slicer when I came out of warp AND THIS IS NOT IDEAL FOR AN AB FRIGAT VS A SLICA.
Purple LAZORS cut deep into my shields, I approached the slicer at an angle trying to reduce the incoming damage, and to my surprise he rocketed off to 45km. Clearly my approach had spooked him a little, and he somewhat overshot his kiting quite drastically.

This is when I had to chose to fight or flee, a slicer could potentially make much violence upon me. HOWEVER I noticed as he burned to range that his point had the range of a tech 2 disruptor. This made me want to stay, as having flown the slicer quite a bit myself, I'm aware how tight it is for CPU, and I gambled that the tech 2 point made it likely that he didn't have a DCU fitted, so if I caught him I could probably melt his boat rather quickly. The downside is though that no DCU meant he was likely nanotastic making him harder to catch.

He burned back in, I heated my AB and went head on at him, hoping to catch him on that pass.

I missed

He was super agile, and my tank took a beating in the process. I only had time to make one more attempt to catch him or the fight would of been unwinnable. I burned away from him at full speed, like I was trying to run, as I hit 23km from him I SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES, FLIPPED MY RIFTER AROUND AND FLEW AT HIS SHIPS FACE! 

I landed the heated point! Then went for the bump so his inertia couldn't take him to safety. Not entirely sure if the bump landed but either way he was locked down, and I unloaded Phased plasma into his hull while pulling into a tight orbit to out track his scorch. My tank however was not in a good place and if he had a DCU or even switched to multi I could still go down. I hit hull first, this was going to be close. BUT IT TURNED OUT MY PREDICTION WAS RIGHT \o/ When his armour fell his hull evaporated in seconds.





It's a big meet up in September, in Nottingham U.K.
Rumors are that I might be there, along with the likes of PIRATE BLOG SUPERSTAR Kane Rizzel
Also The first 100 RSPV'd guests to arrive get 1 PLEX and 10 million ISK in Blink credit

Nashh has a few sponsors so far including BATTLECLINIC, BLINK, and SHATTERED CRYSTAL
But he's after more sponsors as NASHH KADAVR PIRAT MAN IS A CORPORAT SELL OUT!

Sunday 16 February 2014

War Triangle

So, I've been flying patrol rather a lot this last week, trying to get to grips with the changes since I last made patrol, and trying to find war boats that are effective justice enforcers. Battalkruiser attak vessals seem to have lost their edge, and Rifter war boats seem far less powerful comparatively to other frigats. In fact I've had to run Rifters away in hull from a few fights. This is a shame as Rifters and Hurrikans were the staple of my solo patrolling when I last played.


Frigate wise I've been having most fun with LAZOR BATTAL BOATS specifically the SLICAR FRIGAT OF SWIFT HONOURABILITY. I've had some fun battals. and lost several that now dwell in SPACE BOAT VALHALLA.

Forgive the mixing of killboards, but it seems eve kill is now RUBBISH and only logs a handful of my kills and losses.

Yesterday though honourabl space samurai SNIPPSE, contacted me. I used to fly with and make much battal with Snippse back in the day as he's a mighty solo warrior. We talked about the eve changes and he suggested I try the T1 cruisers now. He also generously donated a DIEMOS BLASTER BOAT to the cause of justice that I look forward to losing this week. 

I had a few Rupture war triangles in Hek so I fitted a shield Ruppy and looked for battal. It didn't last long, and I lost it pretty fast in a fight that I really should of flown far better in, but JUSTIC IS STILL RUSTY! and the enimie flew well and battaled strong. 


I fitted a 2nd Rupture, this time with a meaty 1600mm rolled tungsten centre. and logged for the night.


While roaming today in my armour Rupture I encounted a SYTCH FLEET ISSUE a ship Snippse had suggested to me, so I was eager to asses its WAR CAPABILITIES. 
I'd jumped into Evati and it was on the gate, so I warped to the nearest planet in hopes of him making pursuit.

He did so, but was 100k off me, after a few jumps between planets he landed 30k off me and BATTAL COMMENCED.

He was fast enough to suggest a shield fit so my first priority was to land a web scram. However this wasn't an issue, I landed them on the first pass, as he was planning to brawl me down.

Our Hobgoblin hindrance drones went to work on each other and he stripped my shield pretty fast. He was boosting quite powerfully so I applied my SMALL NEUTRALIZING DEVICE. This fight was a good old fashioned slugfest at 4k, his 220's were ripping though my armour and it was falling fast. I hit the heat on my guns when his shield hit 50% but the fight was looking to go his way. 

As my armour hit 20% his tank finally started to break. between his boosts I was ripping huge chunks out of his armour.

He hit hull and then shield boosted...

I hit hull...

His hull stripped to just over 50% he boosted...

My hull hit 50%...

His hull went to within a sliver of cracking, he boosted

My hull hit 25%

Tension has high, I had the sun selected to warp my pod out, not that I have any implants loaded but its good practice.






And much respect to Keldon Ro, the more of us willing to fly solo in fancy boats looking for battal the better place Eve is.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Back To The Space Academy


Some of you may remember me for solving space krime, and MAKING SPAC BATTAL AT PIRATS.


I heard many a sad story recently of BAD PIRAT WARLORDS returning to the once safe space of Metropolis. Harassing INNOCENT CITIZANS stealing their Quafe and calling them MEAN WORDS IN SPAC CHAT!

and so, out of retirement GALLENTA POLIC LADY SHANQUA must come!

Upon logging on I was donated 250 million isk by CONCERNED CITIZAN Teronova!


I jumped to an implant-less clone in syndicate boarded my Cyclone...

...then jumped out of my Cyclone as it's fitted turrets wouldn't turn on, AS APPARANLY CYCLON WARBOAT FORGOT HOW TO MAKE SHOOT!

so I podded myself to Metropolis, entered a Rifter war ship undocked


okay seems I need to re hone some old skills and learn all the new stuff I'd missed.


Later in the evening I decided to hop into another one of my Rifter battle boats and clean up the space lanes.

It wasn't long until I noticed a pirate committing A SEVERE PARKING VIOLATION in Hadozeko 
It was a TALWA VESSAL and instantly I thought WAT IZ TALWA!

I warped in, and was confronted by a flashy red pirate man flying what was clearly a boat put together in an ILLEGAL PIRAT CHOPSHOP out of old filing cabinets and Breacher parts. Then as a missile crashed against my hull I deduced that TALWA IZ MISSAL BOAT. so I heated up my afterburner and PROCEEDED TO COMMIT VIOLENCE. The fight started with the traditional ritual of pointing each other. I settled into an orbit, applied my nos, and unleashed the righteous justice of PHASED PLASMA. My shield broke quickly, though given I had an armour tank this was expected, I engaged my repper, the fight began to feel pretty standard, although my repper couldn't hold indefinitely, It became clear to me that JUSTIC WOULD PRVAIL and as the pirate man KEVIN EMOTO reached peak recharge I overheated my 150mm's and broke through to his surprisingly meaty hull. 


I knew that my ongoing quest for space justice had resumed.