Tuesday 13 September 2011

Dances with Kadavr's

I logged on and entered the Lulm solar system in my Wolf class Assault boat (AS SEEN IN THIS BLOG BANNA), upon entering I decide to make a routine stop off at the gate for the local plex in order to park and review my route of patrol.


Soon another WOLF CLASS VESSAL lands, piloted by a minion of NASHH KADAVR SPACE PIRAT. Ever eager to do my duty I lock up and engage the kriminal, my 150mm's begin ripping shreds off the pirats armour and as his passive buffer hits 50% ANOTHER KADAVR PIRAT MINION LANDS this time in a RIFTA WARSHIP. He however, landed 40k off, and before he reached engagement range I heated my autocannons and made an end to the enimie Wolf.

In low armour I flip my vessel around to engage the Rifter. In a TOTALLY PRO MOVE I proceed to burn out my armour repair unit immediately. However this didn't prove an issue as the Rifter vaporised quickly under the awesome firepower of the wolf assault boat as I was entering hull.


Monday 5 September 2011

Thrasher Of I Beast

Sooooooo some of you may remember me as that one wat used to write a blog, WELL after a eve break over the summer I'm gradually starting to play again. I've been wandering about in a Rifter mainly because RIFTA BOAT BEST BOAT.

Last night after a rather uneventful patrol I decided to head to Hek FOR ROUTINE RIFTA MAINTANENCE. Expecting to find all quiet and well I was HORRIFIED to see A BAD MAN IN A THRASHER LITTERING WITH INTENT TO CAUSE KRIMINALITY. Like any good citizen I picked up the cargo can IN ORDER TO ANALYZE THE EVIDENCE FOR A LATER COURT HEARING. I bagged the evidence of ONE UNIT OF REPUBLIC FLEET FUSION WAR BULLET which incidentally is a HIGHLY DANGEROUS thing to be left lying around in space. SOME INNOCENT COULD FIND IT AND MISTAKENLY VIOLENCE THEIR OWN BOAT.
To my shock enraged with INJUSTIC the kriminal Thrasher boat began making shoot upon my polic Rifter, most likely to destroy the evidence I had collected. I immediately heated my afterburner and got into a tight orbit in order to out track the offender and unleashed the righteous fury of my 125mm autocannons charged with EMP. The Thrasher pilot was neuting me so I had to be mindful of pulsing my armour repair unit and checking my warp scrambler stayed applied so he could not escape. INEVITABLY with low armour the kriminal exploded.
I repaired my boat and began the task of the OFFICAL PAPERWORK.



Fortunately the ensuing battle happened exactly the same way. Leaving me with MORE REPAIRS AND PAPERWORK. Which I grudgingly began to complete...



This time he had removed his WARP SCRAMBLING DEVICE in favour of a web, I closed in a tight orbit, but this time he was harder to out track so I had to manually pilot. JUSTIC however PRVAILED and he blew up AGAIN this time though I finished the fight in less than half structure. Wary of further attack I decided to switch out of the Rifter into that renowned bringer of justic the PLATELESS LAZOR PUNISHER WAR BOAT.

YET AGAIN THE KRIMINAL APPEARED IN ANOTHER THRASHER also with a web instead of a point. BUT THIS TIME I WAS READY as predicted he tried to make violence onto me but using the SWIFT GRACE OF THE PUNISHER I heated my afterburner and moved to the edge of scrambler range, from where I RAINED DOWN HOLY PURPAL LAZOR UPON HIM UNTIL HIS THASHER WAS NO MORE.

After this he realised his defeat and did not trouble the forces of justic again.