Wednesday 23 March 2011


I jumped into Ezsur on a routine petrol, and what do I see BUT A SENSOR BOOSTING ARTILLERY RUPTURE. It belongs to The Murientor Tribe, who just happen to be renowned for being one of the most CORRUPT UNDERHANDED CORPS WITHIN THE MINMATAR COMMUNTIY SUPPORT FORCES. He's 60k off me, I uncloak my Hawk class war vessel and gain transversal, as I reach 40k he opens fire. MISS. I heat my afterburner and continue to burn in at an angle while covered by the sentry guns. MANNED ON THIS DAY BY UPSTANDING CITIZANZ RESISTANT TO THE BRIBES OF THIS KRIMINAL CORP. I begin to launch Rockets as the kriminal EXPLODES before I even get in scram range. As his pod appears on overview so does his corp mate in a FEARSOME RAPIER, followed by an Enyo, a Rifter, and a Dramiel. I get in a tight orbit of the Rapier thinking, HE'S SURELY NOT GOING TO ENGAGE AT THIS RANGE IS HE...ESPECIALLY WITH ARTY....WAIT A SEC...HE IS...GO GO JUSTIC SCRAMBLER. The foolish Rapier is soon reduced to scrap. As his friends watch unable to do anything.

Not wanting to engage the Enyo, Dram and Rifter all at once I casually drop some ammo in a can to see if they bite. Eventually the Dram pilot takes it, THEN UPON REALISING HIS 65MILLION ISK FRIG MIGHT GET SHOT AT BY A HAWK OF STRONG HONOUR AND MIGHTAY ROCKATZ he immediately burns away. I try to catch him for a few minutes before he docks to hide from my wrath.

Due to the amount of times this corrupt corp have shipped up in station to bigger ships/numbers and overwhelming ewar, when involved in a GFGF against me where they already have huge advantages, I end up feeling p.happy about the engagements result.



  1. Markius TheShed23 March 2011 at 07:58

    I suspect a Amarrian Stuxnet virus had infected the gate guns and made them fire on my freedom fighting tribemates.

    And there was no Ewar etc when your Cane violenced my Stabber Fleet in ebolfer as I was innocently going about my business of important space stuff.


  2. This is easily the most entertaining EVE blog out there!

  3. Markius i did enjoy fighting your fleet stabber and hurricane friend that you negate to mention in my cane was GFGF

    i have more issue with stuff like this

    and ewar fitted rifters like this

  4. Markius TheShed24 March 2011 at 00:15

    Yeah the cane arrived as I exploded if I rememeber right if im gonna risk a 150mill cruiser vs a BC I need a bit of back up yeah?

    As for the Ewar rifters we have to fit like that to counter the Amarr T2 blob, we ran a Breacher roam on sunday and only T2 frig and T2 cruisers would engage us our 1087hp was obviously to much for them.

    I look forward to a GFGF with your Hawk

  5. i didnt mind tbh i enjoyed the fight but was annoyed at myself a little because i screwed up. Tryed to run before deciding to fight the cane and sploded when he was in hull. If i'd of attacked it from the start i would of got you both :(

    "if im gonna risk a 150mill cruiser vs a BC I need a bit of back up yeah?"

    *cough *cough

    jus saying :P

  6. I going to form the Lady Shaniqua Electronic Warfare Trauma Support Group!

    LS blog, best blog (I have this xxx, best xxx on my brain atm, sorry).