Sunday 2 January 2011

New Years Backlog, Tempest and T-Shirts

A series of fines were issued over the festive season for THOSE WHO GOT OVERLY MERRY, AND TOOK IRRESPONSIBLE CHARGE OF A SPACE VESSEL. None of the kriminals involved as of this morning had paid, So the new year began with OFFICAL POLIC BUISNESS.

Dil'e Mahn

From: Lady Shaniqua
Sent: 2010.12.29 23:05
To: Dil'e Mahn

This is an OFFICAL NOTICE OF PENALTY CHARGES,ur case has been reviewed and you have been found GUILTY of FLYING A SPACE BOAT UNDER INFLUENCE OF DRINKING, We tak into consideration that you were flying under orders of KRIMINAL MASTERMIND DRINKING MAN FLASFRESH and HARSHER JUSTIC WILL BE SEEKED UPON HIM. YOUR FINE STANDS AT FIFTY MILLION ISK. To be payed to a representative of Kenssy Fried Chicken Kru.

When undocking this morning Dil'e Mahn's fine stood at FIFTY MILLION ISK. And quite handily soon after undocking, the fugative entered local in a blaster Ishkur. A fully fitted Ishkur costs approximately 24 million isk, destroying his Ishkur would account for almost half of his fine.
Eventually Mr Mahn was coaxed to a Planet where my JAGAER POLIC ATTACK BOAT lay in wait. He landed about 30k off, Sirens screeching loudly I after burned towards him fusion loaded and pre heated. As soon as I entered range my scrambler was activated and my 125s began ripping chunks out of his sluggish kriminal vessel. UNABLE TO WITHSTAND THE FORCES OF JUSTIC his Ishkur boat exploded. This helpfully brought the amount owed in fines down to 26million isk in arrears. However I had also managed to APPREHEND Mr Mahn's pod, while in custody Mr Mahn's agreed to pay KFCK the sum of 40 million isk. This covered the remainder of his fine and the additional administrative costs incurred during his arrest. Mr Mahn's pod was then set free to return to civilization as a reformed citizen.


Not long after Mr Mahn's fine had been settled, Officah Sassy B spotted a VIGILANTE in a Tempest. Always quick to react Officah Sassy began locating in a Cheetah. Sassy then warped me in to tackle in an official kfck Jaguar. I landed 90k off the Tempest, heated my mids and burned for him. Amazingly he didn't warp off and I managed to land point. Soon after tackling Sassy landed on grid with the dps THE MIGHTY SUCCUBUS. However upon seeing the fearsome vessel, the kriminal unable to face the boats RIGHTEOUS LASERS OF JUSTIC ejected from his boat. Sassy then got to the task of distracting the local pirate rats attacking the empty pest, while I docked up the Jaguar. Once all the rats had stopped targeting the pilot less battleship I was able to board. The Tempest was safely docked in Thukker where it shall be tested by forensics before being repurposed for police duty.


Some of you may be aware of the recent contest to design an eve online T-Shirt. For those that weren't THERE WAS A RECENT CONTEST TO DESIGN AN EVE ONLINE T-SHIRT.
Anyway the entries are currently on display to be voted for.
is an awesome Rifter by OFFICAH SASSY B and I recommend voting for it.
Not only is it awesome but it is also OFFICALLY APPROVED BY THE GALLANTA SPACE POLIC.


  1. looks like i vanished in time to avoid the fines :p


  2. Back from hols and reading my favourite polic reports! happy 2011, Lady S

  3. "What seems to be the officer, problem?"

    All those damn drunks flying their spaceships recklessly.