Monday 12 March 2012

Some Stuff

Due to IRL I've not really had much spaceship space violence going on. In fact until a few days ago I'd been unsubbed this year. I can't really promise much in terms of updates, though if I have any MIGHTY JUSTIC BATTALS when I am online I will of course make full polic reports.

In the mean time I would like to divert you to A BRAND NEW HIGH OCTANE JUSTIC GARMON VIDEO!

And another site called EVE IS EASY set up my MY SPACEBOAT KORPARATION. Anyone interested in learning and improving upon their solo and small gang PvP justic skills would very likely find this project useful.


  1. LS Eve blog best Eve blog.

  2. Same we don't see you much online, hope is all good!
    EVE is easy are excellent videos!

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  4. Miss this blog so much

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