Tuesday 20 July 2010

New Shoes?

People say the Stiletto is a gang tackler, in fact they say it's an awesome gang tackler, it's fast, it has four mids, it has an extra long point. Their right, it is a good gang tackler. I love Stilettos I really enjoy flying them.

Thing is...

...I don't have a gang.

I fly solo the majority of the time, other than that its with my homie Sassy B in MIGHTY RIFTERS.

What people don't say about Stilettos is that they are hardcore auto cannon solo brawlers.

Someone in an Intel channel once told me, “a puppy dies every time someone armour tanks a Stiletto”

People tend to favour Taraniseseseseseses, Claws, and Crusaders for solo work.

I dogfight in afterburner, scrambler, PLATED Stilettos.

Stiletto VS Taranis

The Taranis, Its fast, its fun, and it packs a hell of a punch. An Amarr Kriminal in a BLATANT ACT OF TERRORISM attacks my Stiletto while I was out on patrol in Ardar.

I view his boat and clock his blasters. So I load an optimal range script into my TD and fill my AC's with Barrage S. I decide that 2 drones is tankable if I can avoid his blaster dps. His momentum takes him into blaster optimal and he scores some big hits, but I web, and scram him, and fire up the AB raining barrage on him from 6k. I Nos one of his Hobgoblins (I'm not entirely sure if this works but I do it anyway just incase). He explodes, with my Stiletto still in half armour.


Stiletto VS Federation Navy Comet.

The Navy Comet, basically a Tougher higher Dps Taranis, with better range, and a bigger drone bay.

A piratical type appears to have stolen one off of a Gallente Police Officer.


I view his boat and spot Neutrons, so I leave in the Barrage and optimal range script from the Taranis fight. Assuming he had null loaded those Neutrons on a comet can be nasty.

First things first though, two flights of t2 light drones are my most pressing concern, Warriors then Hobgoblins. Holding the Comet at 9k to be sure, I go to work on his drones. As I'm doing this, he is managing to sling closer every now and again landing hits on me. At one point I cap out using my repper and my afterburner turns off, landing him a couple of nasty shots before I get it turned on again. The final drone dies with me in deep deep hull, but with them dead, the fight is in theory mine, I manage to claw back some armour with occasional rep cycles, and venture closer to bring the HUGE DPS of my 2 gunned barraging Stiletto fighting at the edge of fall off to bare. Eventually the UNAUTHORIZED VESSLE explodes, The Kriminal however manages to escape in his pod avoiding Total Justice.

Stiletto + Rifter VS Kriminal blob /w Falcon + Blackbird

Every fun boat always dies eventually, and like so many of my boats my Stiletto meets its end with many people on its loss mail including my Arch Nemesis the Falcon and its ugly little brother the Blackbird.

Sassy's Rifter however did make it out scoring a Rifter Kill in the process. \o/



  1. I am so stealing that fit. IT IS GENIUS!

  2. Lovely fit...

    PS: I would love it if you added an RSS feed!

  3. Ignore last comment! Found it!

  4. Top sekret intelz: player drones have only 1 cap to steal with a nos

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  6. sorry,wrote wrong name, always manage mixup you and sassy :-S Enjoying reading your logz and specially when you dish out some valuable lessons to some of our guy's :-) Sorry for the blob btwm you just kindoff apeared there, so went purely by habbit i think :-)