Friday, 2 July 2010

Goin' Underground

Will Lady S get out of the wormhole?


It was however for the most part very very dull, I only got one kill and THEY WELL STARTED IT.

I was all bimbling through some wormholes and shiz trying to get an entry for my homie Matsumoto Yoshizu and his Hydra Kru on some carriers running sites. But then I ran into a Russian corp camping a wormhole.

I managed to evade them and get back Into the unknown space I'd jumped into the camp from. But then Matsumoto was all like, DUDE!!! jump through into their wormhole, find us an in, and we'll brawl them. Believing this to be a sound plan cos it means I'd get to shoot at stuff I jump in mwd cloak tricked out the onyx bubble and safed up the Loki.

Upon probing, I discovered that the only sig in the area was the wormhole they were camping. So I figured I'd run the camp again and be on my way. Unfortunately their numbers had increased and several had shipped up from their Pos. I tried to break through a couple of times but was rebuffed. This was somewhat annoying, the third time I tried the Absolution managed to get a lucky bump on me knocking me off the wormhole, their Sader then scrammed me, and Rapier webbed me. RIIIIIGGGHHHTTT, OKAY LETS RUMBLE THEN KRIMINALZ, The Sader was obviously primary as I needed my microwarpdrive, he was in close so tracking would be tough, luckily for me he was not the most pro inty pilot and when I turned my guns on, getting a lucky glancing hit denting his shield, he panicked and flew away in a straight line. It did not work out that well for him. I have no idea why his friend in the Tengu pointed him, but they seemed pretty bad, so likely got confused or sumin'. Thanks to the two HIC's bubbles I was able to make sure the Sader pilot couldn't reship in the Pos so Easily.

Microwarpdrive back on, I head back towards the wormhole and turn my attention to the Rapier. By this time I was struggling to keep my Invuln on, as the Curse that had been neuting me was starting to be noticeable, also a Sleipner had got involved, so I decide to bounce out back into their Wormhole and safe up.

Thinking that actually their not so scary now, I decide that I can probably go back for some more kills once my shields recharge. I think better of this plan when I see not only a Falcon join them, but also a Rook, and a FREAKIN SCORP!!!


oh and did I mention this was a class 5 Magnetar. Which if you don't know, or can't be bothered to click the link means ecm gets an EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT strength bonus. Deciding the ewar is a tad excessive for my liking I make a cup of tea and start hassling PERSEPHONE ASTRID in the Bastards ransom channel to make me a pink cake and chocolate Rifters.

Will PERSEPHONE ASTRID bake me an awesome pink cake with chocolate swirly bits on?

No :(

...about 3 or 4 hours later I'm still camped in, then the wormhole disappears, they drop probes to find the next one, but I'm on it far quicker and I get out while their still fiddling a load of sisters core scanner probes around the sig. After jumping through several empty wormholes I get back into empire and make my way back to Ardar.

What will happen to Ardar without half of Kenssy Fried Chicken Kru there to fight bad and wrong and stuff?

Ardar was fine, however I cut through Ebolfer 2 jumps away on my way back to find swarms of HOSTILE AMARR KRIMINAL INVADERS, and about 50 faction warfare mission sites. I consider hopping into my Comet, but its late, and unlike Amarr Kriminals, JUSTICE NEEDS TO SLEEP.


  1. I'll bake you a cake just as soon as CCP gives us proper kitchens for the baking. I promise!

    (This is Persephone. Your comment registration thingy HATES ME because I run Wordpress on my own domain instead of on their crappy site.)

  2. Just added you to the EVE Player Blogroll and would appreciate a link on your blog (blogroll) linking back to CrazyKinux's Musing.

    Thanks and welcome to the EVE Blogging Community!

  3. Cool beans thanks mr Kinux, just threw up link to your musings