Friday, 16 July 2010

Wolf spaceboat makes bad things go away

I logged on today in Ardar to see Snippse in local, Snippse is a lovely fellow who roams around the local area, usually solo in an AF or a Rifter. I undock my rail Ishkur and scan him in a Wolf. So I fly to the nearest planet and wait for him to arrive, he does shortly and HIGH OCTANE BATTLE commences.  Antimatter loaded and having a web I feel confident I can make short work or his 2 mid boat, my drones tear through his armour and it becomes apparent that he’s going down, his structure is disappearing fast, then a curious thing happens.

He warps off …WTF…

Turns out I forgot to turn my point on /o\

Being the optimist I am, I decide that clearly that’s the only silly mistake I’ll probably make today so I hop in a Brutix and go on a roam.  I WAS WRONG, SO WRONG. Not far into my roam I encounter a Hurricane in Sosala, and apparently if you focus on managing your tank, and only turn on two of your guns and not your web then Hurricanes make your Brutix explode.

Great, now I’m in Amarr space with no boat. Checking the market tab I notice a Wolf for sale in nearby highsec, PERFECT. I fly my pod on over and the system seems pretty empty so I buy the Wolf and some stabs and make my way to Auga to fit it up.

I Roam as far as Arnher in Metropolis, when I notice a Crusader and Jaguar on scan, the Jag soon disappears and it looks like the Sader is on a FW plex, I warp to it and the Sader is 100k off he then warps to a planet TWENTY TWO AU AWAY I follow but he isn’t there,  I warp to the plex again and he’s there 20k off, he zooms straight at me and we brawl. The Crusader being no real match for the firepower of my Wolf barely scratches my armour before he Pops. I quickly snag the pod to add another corpse to the corp freezer.

I head back to Ardar to find the Jaguar I’d scanned earlier sitting on my beloved Thukker Mix, he locks me up and I him, but he doesn’t fire. Really not being in the mood for waiting for him to engage I warp to Ardar IV and inform him in local. “Thinking” is his reply. I wait what seems like FOREVER for him to finally gain some courage and he appears on grid. I overheat my Neut in the hope of turning his web off limiting his ability to run, this works beautifully and his web, scram, and afterburner all turn off as he hits half shield as he was also draining his cap by neuting me, with his Jaguar floating almost motionless in space, my Barrage completely shreds his remaining shields, armour and hull.

Satisfied that my Wolf has redeemed my earlier terrible piloting, I dock up and Log


  1. another job well done sir. excellent report.

  2. I roamed a total of thirty five jumps this afternoon and nobody would fight :(

    (maybe I need to not fly a faggy dramiel tho)