Friday, 9 July 2010


I love going really really really fast, so after my recent training of the HACs skill it was inevitable that the first ship I hop in would be a Vagabond. For AGGGGGEEESSS people have been all like LS YOU'LL LOVE VAGA'S, YOU SHOULD TRAIN VAGA'S THEY'LL REALLY SUIT YOU, TRAIN VAGAS, YOU'LL LIKE UM. I was unsure to be quite honest, I was unconvinced that the price tag warrents flying them over nano Ruptures and Hurricanes, but after flying one i have to say, OMG ITS AWESOME.

In the few days I flew it, I racked up 23 kills, until getting blobbed by a bunch of criminals.

First Kill Best Kill – I'm zooming round Ontorn, and I spot a Hurricane engaged in BLATANT VIGILANTISM, quickly I swap into a Probe and find out where he is. Sassy B jumps into system in a Jaguar and we warp in to serve swift justice.The pilot then opened a conversation, where we informed him of how he was in GALLANTA POLIC PROTECTED SPACE, and described how VIGILANTISM will not be tolerated, it seems he was unaware of the law, and made a petition to a GM as to why these laws were not readily available to him.

He clearly made no effort to reform from his criminal ways however, and later on that day we caught him LOITORING WITH INTENT TO CAUSE PUBLIC NUISENCE at a gate. Reapet offenders are delt with swiftly.

Lazor Stabber Best Stabber – I was patroling the Taff area when I noticed more criminals murdering Angel Cartel pirates in an astroid belt, I quickly warped in and landed on Caracal and Stabber class internet spaceships. The Caracal bugged out but I managed to point the Stabber and make violence to his LAZOR boat. While I was waiting out GCC the Caracal pilot posted some Russian in local, Google translate informed me that it meant “PIRATE BITCH SCUMBAG YOU SHALL PAY THESE FOR”

this was mean, and deeply hurt my feelings :(

Friendly fire – after teaming up with some outlaw types from an intel channel to kill a Drake and Brutix. And Utilizing the Vagabonds most awesome speed to take out an Eve Uni Taranis from a blob. I found myself roaming close to home, upon jumping into Ardar I was greeted by MINMATAR COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICERS, flying two Wolf spaceboats, an UNAUTHORIZED police issue Navy Comet, and a Republic Fleet Firetail. Like most Minnie Militia members they opened fire on me. I managed to get range easily, getting an overheated pulse of my mwd before they could scram me. The frigates then cleverly burned in a straight line towards my Vagabond, the Comet was despatched quickly. And they started to run, but not before I got point on one of the Wolf spaceships, which obviously exploded.


  1. class post my friend. soz havent been ingame much, been realy busy with stuffz and tingz yeah. catchup soon.