Saturday 28 August 2010

Nothing to see here

One of the advantages of being a MAVERICK OFFICAH is that we don't have to live by THE BOOK and can use unsanctioned methods to ENFORC JUSTIC, methods like utilizing the boats of kriminals against them.

This officer, a while back, came into the possession of two Cynabal class space boat vessels of KRIME LORDS THE ANGAL KARATL. Flying them feels somewhat like cheating, its like a Vagabond with the agility of a Taranis which is an intensely MIGHTY combination. I recently bust some small kriminal gangs in them, even though 1v3 victories totally don't count as awesome in a Cynabal, I SHALL STILL LOG THE BATTALS INTO POLIC RECORDS.


I hadn't been logged on long, and had just undocked to group up drones and run routine safety checks on my 2nd more maverick fit Cynabal. When on scan I spot A GROUP OF YOUFFS, flying WITHOUT LICENCES while UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES, the gang then proceeded to LOITER at a planet, unfortunately I arrived on the scene as the last youff was leaving. I then decided to patrol the top belt, soon enough a Punisher lands 20k from me and points me with a disruptor, he's followed shortly by a Thrasher. My 425s at 20k make very quick work of the Punisher. I then switch to the Thrasher as a Harpy lands on me at 0. I Finish the Thrasher. And hit my MWD as the Harpy gets scram and web on me, the momentum of the mwd burst before the scram hit takes me to 10k meaning that its soon all over for the Harpy.


A few days later I decide to undock my more standard fit Cynabal, Very quickly I notice that AMARR KRIMINALS are assaulting a local Minmatar Outpost. I scan Ishkur, Wolf, Kestrel and Thorax class space boats, I warp without thinking and land on the acceleration gate. OH NOES their not in the plex IT TWAS A CUNNING RUSE, their all on the acceleration gate. The Ishkur and Wolf scram me, I lock all the ships up turn my neut on the Ishkur and overheat my Afterburner. No web on me and me with a heated afterburner being faster than the two sluggish Assault frigs means that The Ishkur is soon reduced to wreckage. Closely followed my his accomplice in the Wolf. The other kriminals panic and try to run, The Kestrel gets out but I manage to grab point on the Thorax. Needless to say his attempt at RESISTING ARREST was foiled.

As I was gathering evidence from the battle, I became SHOCKED AND APPALLED when a KRIMINAL SPY UNCLOAKED. I Lock up the offending Cheetah and with the aid of my 425s PREPARED HIS BOATS FOR KRIME SCENE EVIDENCE PROCESSING.



  1. "Some shooting occurred, the Rifter was involved - that's about all we know offeca."

  2. 'even though 1v3 victories totally don't count as awesome in a Cynabal'

    LOL WHUT? dude this kinda stuff if golden!

  3. I never get tired of reading this. =)

  4. Great stuff. Please continue to keep the spacelanes free from Kriminal Scum.

  5. I'm not sure which i'm more angry about - You podding me in lowsec, or the fact it didnt make your blog.