Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vigil of justice

The past few days I have mostly been rolling in a Vigil.

I’m in Ardar, and a chap named d3an0 seemed rather keen on owning one of my corpses, unwilling to pay my REASONABLE special price for one. I then offered to put a corpse of mine in the cargo of my Vigil and 1v1 his Incursus, he agrees, His Incursus is blaster,

Web + scram + afterburner + rails + superior speed of the Vigil = Dead Incursus

Convinced I won because of my web, he asks to fight me in his Catalyst with a NO WEB SPECIAL COMBAT RULE.

The Catalyst doesn’t fair well.

Later on I engage a Kriminal Amarr Crow class boat, after some fancy maneuvers I manage to web and scram him. My rails go to work, his standard missiles are also hurting me rather alot. We hit hull together, COME ON LIL VIGIL COME ON…………

Unfortunately I exploded first. I then docked up, put some more Vigils in the oven, and logged for the night.

A few days later back in a brand spanking new Vigil. An Amarr Kriminal in a Thrasher is spotted in Ardar. Officer Sassy B is in Pursuit in a Vigil Lazor Issue Police Boat, Sassy B engages and the Thrasher RESISTS ARREST. I arrive a little late as Officer Sassy explodes.

Like any maverick detective avenging the death of their plutonic police officer partner in krime prevention. I ATTACK. The Thrasher tries to de-aggress, BUT THE FIRERY OVERHEATED RAILS OF MY VIGIL DEMAND REVENGE. The Thrasher changes his mind and starts to fire back but it is too late by then and JUSTICE IS SERVED.

But at a great price.

I then decide to go partake in a little hobby of mine that I like to call “BLOWING UP BLACK RABBITS ACADAMY KRIMINALS”

On my way to Auner I spot a Rabbits Rifter. I use my awesome undercover skills to sit at a planet in my Vigil disguised as a Civilian waiting to be mugged. Of course I’m the only person in local so he MIGHT know it’s me.

He lands on the planet and I move in for arrest, web, scram, afterburner on, get range…

…wait a sec… he’s not shooting me?

Then my drone control window disappears…


I overheat my guns “NOW YOU DIE KRIMINAL”

He is destroyed in a cascade of Federation Navy Antimatter.

I snag the pod and no bail is offered.


  1. I've told you before, our cadets learn so much from you, we ought to put you on the Academy payroll. :)

  2. i would like to point out that the thrasher wat blew up my vigil was CHEATING cos he had a web and a tracking enhancer so IT DOESNT COUNT

  3. if you go to auner again, check if im next door in resbroko, I will bring the bait vengeance of doom for a sting operation!

  4. Black Rabbits seem especially susceptible to scram and web.

    Also: your blog host still hates it when I try to comment. Can you enable name/url-type comments?


  5. Seriously, your blog makes me laugh so much. I've heard the VIGIL LAZOR ISSUE is a fantastic boat, but I have not yet tried it.
    By the way, you kinda remind me of Kimura Masahiko (now known as "Matsumoto Yoshizu"). If you haven't seen his pvp vids, you should really check it out: http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1133142&page=1 He was only a few months old as a character when he made this vid, but it was so awesome and hilarious. I think you'd like it :)

  6. @Laedy - Watch that video again, and look at the friends needed to form STRONG HONOUR FLOATILLA TO MAK DESTRUKSION OF ENIMIE. :P
    I'm in most the non solo fights and his partner in the 2v3 ATTAKING FRIGAT BATTAL.

  7. Oh my goodness! I hadn't watched that in ages, didn't realize lol. How cool :D
    I miss Kimmy :( He's always rage-quitting, bio-massing his character, giving all his stuff away, then coming back to EVE and grinding it all up - Rinse repeat. sigh.
    I need to come hang out in Ardar sometime, looks fun!

  8. Vigil FTW, shame its a minmatar boat, otherwise i may be tempted....

  9. Hunting wabbits cam be hazardous to your health.

    Btw I had fun shooting you the other night, hope to violence your boat again soon.

  10. @astral
    I like how you make it sound like you guys didn't lose a dramiel when i took you on 1v8 in a t1 unrigged exequror. GF GF

  11. Lol I never said you didn't fight well, I said I enjoyed shooting at you.

    To tell the truth I have a healthy respect for you, which makes trying to kill you all the more fun :)