Monday 6 September 2010

Official Gallanta police boats

Official Gallanta boats have been the flavour for me the past few days, namely the Myrm and the Comet. Gunna cut straight to the battle reports in this instalment


I was roaming around the Taff, Gurkala, Ualkin area in my Myrm, when I noticed on scan a Dominix and Megathron ENGAGING IN ILLEGAL VIGILANTI ACTIVITIES. So I hopped into a probe to discover their location and called out for tackle backup from officer Sassy B, who responded in a Vegnance class space boat. WE WARPED IN TO DISPENCE JUSTIC and caught the Dominix on the warp in. We then noticed we were being probed and decided to check out the incoming gank squad, as we were deep in Kriminal territory and the Domi pilot had many ruffian friends. I warped off and Sassy moved from the warp in when a tackle Vexor piloted by the Domi pilot arrived. Sassy then observed a Drake land as I was warping the myrm back in. The Vexor had warped off and I landed on top of the Drake and began to go to work on his shields. Then the Vexor landed and pointed and webbed me, Sassy burned in to put point on the Vexor, and soon a Megathron landed and started shooting at me as well. At this point I decide to pop some exile, and I started to move into a close orbit of the Megathron. The Drake monster then explodes, and we primary the Vexor as it seemed to be the only boat with tackle. The cruiser soon succumbed to our combined damages. Blipping d-scan we notice a Macharial as we were grinding down the Megathron, and made the decision that if it landed we should bail. Then predictably when the Mega was in Low Armour the Mach landed 20k off :( so we warp out. I would say GF GF but I WON'T, AS THE KRIMINALS SENT US A MEAN EVE MAIL AND SASSY AND I ARE SENSITIVE OFFICAHS WAT LIKE PONIES AND RAINBOWS.


I was patrolling Ardar as per usual when I was greeted by d-scan showing a Red Alliance Drake sitting in top belt. Well this is very clearly bait so I hopped into my trusty Myrm and watched local and the scanner for a bit, It looked like his gang was p.small Drake Drake Wolf. Shortly after the bait left system one Drake and Wolf were sat on the Frer gate so I warped to it and as expected they jumped through with me and I let them tackle. I moved into orbit of the Drake, and put web scram Warriors on the Wolf. I soon noticed the Wolf Trying to run......IN A STRAIGHT LINE AWAY FROM ME VERY SLOWLY \o/ so I naturally turned my AC's onto him and he kindly blew up.

I brought in the Warriors, and released the Hammerheads ready for the slow grind that is breaking the tank of a Drake, By now the 2nd Drake had landed and I was under the fire of many many navy scourge missiles. At this point I should mention that after seeing the Drakes I'd swapped a kinetic hardener onto my Myrm :P

I played the recall and relaunch drones game for some time, managing to keep all my Hammers alive, I also was trying to conserve cap boosters and rep only the amount needed to not go into hull.

Briefly a MINMATAR COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICAH in a Claw opened fire on me, but left when I flashed the Gallanta police badge, and accused him of being AN AMARR SPY.

Time passed...

...FINALLY the first Drakes shield broke peak recharge, The Kriminal then tried to deagress BUT THIS OFFICAH IS NOT SHOOTING ALL THAT AMMO FOR NOTHING, a good solid bump sent his boat hurtling away from the gate, leaving him no choice but to explode. Unfortunately on seeing his friend hit hull the 2nd Drake warped out.



The official police frigate VS the renowned Pirate vessel THE ULTIMATE FRIGAT BATTAL FOR JUSTIC. Sassy and I had been chasing a Crow about, when Sass noticed a Dramiel on scan. I undocked my Comet and warped to a belt at zero, where I dispensed justic to the angel pirate rats. Sass was at range from the belt as he was hoping a Crow might land and burn at his Vigil.

Eventually the Dramiel landed and BATTAL BEGAN. Sassy's Vigil was to far off to make it into the fight so it was a 1v1 brawl, Null S loaded and afterburner heated I moved in and landed my web and scram, WOOO HE ISNT WEBBING ME HE'S DUAL PROP \o/

This is very important for fighting a dram in a blaster Comet, because you really want to control range and an ab/web Dramiel will control range on any boat short of a Daredevil or Cruor. The fight was brutal, I hit hull as he hit armour, my repper burning hot, clawing armour back as my hull slowly bled, It was too close to call, and both of us were in it till someone exploded. THEN BOOM target lost

Did I explode???

Did he explode???


My Comet looted the field, very much on fire with just 9% Hull remaining



  1. Damn that dram fight must've gotten the old blood pumping something righteous. Good work :)

  2. Love those fights when it is the person that got the first volley off is the difference.

  3. Good to see you flying the official Gallenta Police boats. Much luv

  4. Awesome fights lady, just awesome. Those did you,did i explode fights are just so adrenaline pumping :-)

  5. Lady S for Prezident! When can we expect the movie, "JUSTIC IS DUN!, A LADY S AND SASSY B PRODUCTION"?

  6. Awesome post! Very much appreciate you taking the time to share this with us, in such a fun way.


  7. Grats on the Dram kill in an _afterburner_ boat, Rrrrrespect!