Tuesday 21 September 2010


Of recent I have mainly been BATTALING THE KRIMINAL MENACE THAT IS EVE UNIVERSITY. A small group of Ivy League kriminals have set themselves up in my neighbouring system of Hadozeko. They are a lot more fun to engage than normal eve uni gangs, they still drop ecm boats and Recons on a solo Rupture but less than your average eve uni gang, Also they still have the annoyingly self righteous BUT WE HAVE LOW SP, OUR PILOTS FLY RECONS AND HACS AND R OLDER TOONS THAN YOU BUT WE HAVE LOW SP!!!!!!! SO FALCON, RAPIER, 3 BCS AND SOME FRIGS V YOUR CANE IS GF GF COS WE HAVE LOW SP GF GF

We have had some great fights though with many loses and kills on both sides. In order to counter the ewar issue I have on occasion teamed up with other JUSTIC WARRIORZ who I've been rather enjoying flying with of recent.


I encounted mister Kingwood in a Hadozeko belt as I was swatting off a very ambitious Malediction. We agreed to a Cyclone 1v1 and I headed to Ardar to grab my Cyc, while he safed up.

Neither of us had crystals, and were both fielding damage drones and fairly standard fits. I landed at 0 on Kingwood, HAM's and AC's fired out from our boats, the battle was brutal, but my third gyro made the difference and Mister Kingwood's Cyclone was decommissioned. After chatting a bit, I deduced that Mister Kingwood WAS ALSO LOCKED IN AN EPIC JUSTIC BATTAL WITH THE KRIMINALZ IN IVY LEAGUE, as they had INVADED his beloved home of Hadozeko. So together we decided to FIGHT THE ENIMIE IN A SPECIAL JUSTIC SQUAD, Kingwood is a great pilot, but the most important thing I've learnt is that if he says, LS TACKLE THAT CURSE and I'm in an expensive cruiser THEN I SHOULD IGNORE HIM AND WARP OFF.


Some may know of Leeloo from his Rifter video, if you don't then you should watch it cos its pretty stylish. Incidentally I'm in it AS THE ONLY RIFTER HE SHOOTS AT THAT DOESNT EXPLODE \o/ though sadly he escapes from me. :(

I've come across Leeloo many times in the past year partially on account of him being in the same corp as my homie Kimura Masahiko. But recently I've teamed up with him to roam AND HUNT DOWN KRIMINALS *, including but not limited to EVE UNIVERSITY. Leeloo is possibly the pilot I've flown with THAT IS MOST LIKE ROBOCOP, his piloting is very precise, his tactics efficient, he also seems to always remain rather calm. CLEARLY SOME SORT OF ROBOTIC OFFICAH, and thankfully for us HE IS ON THE SIDE OF JUSTIC.



*(that guy was with kriminal draek boats but they refused to explode while he kept returning)


  1. You are a star. Brilliantly written and down with the KRIMINALZ!!

  2. m8, that curse totally died :V

  3. Reading your blog makes me miss low sec :(
    I might come down to visit and help you fight for justice against the EVE University.

  4. I've been thinking of getting my GALLANTA alt (who's a lazy bugger and needs the exercise) to move down to Ardar or Hado to help you in your QWEST FOR JUSTIC!!!!

  5. Agreeing that this blog is the best of all blogs in EVE.

    I've read it for about a week and I've already laughed more about it than all other blogs combined.

    Keep it coming!


  6. Loving this blog. Got style and is funnier then hell.