Friday 24 September 2010


So I was flying around in my Hurricane trying to not be so wreckless cos I'm rather low on isk at the mo, then what did is see BUT A PROTEUS WITH A FLASHY KRIMINAL LOKI, clearly a not wreckless engagement, I locked them up and looked at them to clock their guns/subs the Loki's subs made it look like a big strange thrasher MY CANE CAN TOTALLY KILL THRASHERS I thought.

Also the Loki appeared to have t1 arty fitted, the Proteus also had t1 guns \o/

Unfortunately before battle could commence a Machariel landed and started firing meta 800mms at the Loki, WTF IS THIS WITH THE 2BILL OF HULLS FLOWN BY PEOPLE WHO CAN'T FIT THEM ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Anyway the T3's ran away and people started smacking each other about being cowards running away from each others t1 gunned lolboats.

As this was happening I FORMULATED AN INGENIUS AND TOTALLY NOT WRECKLESS PLAN. The plan was to swap the nano out in my cane for a third gyro load fusion chase the t3s and BRAWL THEM DOWN.

After The Mach had gone I pursued the t3 kriminals 2 jumps, I missed tackling the flashy Loki on 2 gates AS THEY HAD CLEARLY BRIBED THE CCP TO GIVE ME BAD UNCLOAKS ON JUMPS. They then told me how they can totally blow me up and docked :(

Disheartened I headed back to Ardar, but shortly after I'd docked up in Thukker the Proteus pilot entered system. I TURNED ON POLIC SIRENS AND MADE HASTE TO THE FLOSESWIN GATE. I set an orbit of 10k and waited for the Loki. The Proteus soon appeared on grid but he wasn't flashy and taking sentry fire for 2x t3s in a cane seemed unwise even if they were T1 gunned. Then the Loki pilot appeared in local, THE GATE FLASHED. I overloaded my highs and point in anticipation. Since the Proteus was on grid already I was gunna need to drop the Loki fast if I wanted to brawl them both down. The Loki uncloaked and started re-approaching the gate WITHOUT A PROP MOD, 20k from me, I heated the MWD pointed the kriminal AND GAVE HIM A SOLID BUMP OF JUSTIC \o/

I then park my cane next to him bombarding RF Fusion into his hull as he helplessly boosts his shields UNABLE TO ESCAPE THE JUSTIC OF MY WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN OF ATTACK. The Proteus doesn't aggress at all he just sits there as the Loki Satisfyingly


I scoop the loot and warp off, as my Highs are dangerously hot and the Proteus hadn't aggressed.

Upon seeing the kill mail I feel somewhat disappointed that the booster didn't drop, but given police funds were at 16mil I can't really complain when I got the faction point and amplifier.

Later that evening, I'm returning to Ardar from Amamake in my Rifter, WHEN A GATE CAMP OF KRIMINALZ ATTEMPTS TO VIOLENCE ME they were flying a Muninn, a Harpy, a Rifter, and a Hurricane. I ofc escaped and with aggression on all of them JUST TWO JUMPS FROM MY HURRICANE. I quickly switch into my cane refitted its nano and returned for the kriminals. Conveniently the Muninn had entered Frerstorn one jump ahead of his gang, I let him aggress me so he thinks he's forcing me through the gate into his friends, and I believe it takes him by surprise when, after he agresses, I UNLEASH THE RIGHTEOUS FURY OF MY 425MM's. The Muninn, Is falling fast as the gate flash's, I fly away from the Harpy, Cane and Rifter staying out of possible scram range while finishing off the Muninn. Then I switch my guns and drones onto the Harpy, that soon like his Muninn friend IS REDUCED TO WRECKAGE BY THE FORCES OF GOOD. The Rifter of course is next to explode. RIGHT TIME FOR YOU TO SPLODE NOW MISTER KRIMINAL HURRICANE, as I begin to go to work on the cane, what appears but of course A DAM FALCAN!!! I'm promptly jammed, I hold on grid for a bit to see if I can get a lock on the Falcon but I'm completely permajammed, I BUMP HIM TO SHOW MY DISAPROAVAL and then dock up, to rage a lil bit about how much I hate Falcons. During which time I notice Laedy had posted a new blog ABOUT THE EVIL BANE OF ANY SOLO PVPER and how her new corp like them.

GF GF (exc. FALCAN!!!)


  1. What a sad Loki.

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww FALCAN.

  2. This blog is more entertaining every time I read it. Keep it coming.

  3. EPIC fights. You rock tha justice system LS!!!
    *bro fist*
    Cheers for the blog mention :)

  4. I may be an ECM nerd, but I don't fly Falcons. It just seems dirty.

  5. Dualrep Muninn and no prop mod Loki with T1 Arties :D Good job dealing with those Kriminalz <3

  6. It is OK to fly a rook? They are a bit more brawly and less sneaky aroundy, although obv. they both use ILLEGAL ECM JAMMING TECHNOLOGY

  7. I may be unsubbed, but reading your inspiring stories of glorious chivalric justic being administered upon the philistine kriminal masses is one of the few things that make me wish I still played.

    Your writing is really quite top-notch:

    "Anyway the T3's ran away and people started smacking each other about being cowards running away from each others t1 gunned lolboats." a winning line 10 days out of 10.

    Salute, to the best Gallente Police Officah in New Eden o7

  8. That was a GOOD read. You get the best stories to tell.

  9. LS, you are among the best pilots I know; and I've come to respect your prowess behind the flying seat. Did you ever think about writing some blog posts on how to be a better pilot like yourself?

  10. What's up with ships worth 2+ bil fitting T1 guns "all in one place" ahaha! The T3's smacking to take you down and then docking instead is just plain epic.

    And of course, grats on the T3 downage and stocking of police funds by loots!

  11. Just got linked to this blog, fun reading. Especially for one who has been on the other side of those guns :)