Friday 10 September 2010

A Rare Sight

Is that?.....

no, it can't be......

IT IS!!!


The brave blobless eve uni Harbinger with none of his kriminal fold nearby engaged my Hurricane battleboat of the Ardar gate in Hadozeko, I opened fire a little warily, half expecting a cyno to light, spewing forth a million 10day old blackbirds. It didn't, Bc one on one was a go. \o/

As my RF Fusion starts hitting I soon realise that this Harbinger has a shield tank. Though I'm not contemplating the dent of red on his shields long before 5 Vespa EC-600s appear and I promptly get jammed. WELL THAT WAS NOT ENTIRELY UNEXPECTED.

I take this opportunity to switch out to RF EMP, and burn away from the Harb so he has to switch out to Scorch, which although hurty would be less hurty than faction Multifrequency.

Now to wait out the jams.




WOOOO \o/ I finally get a lock as my buffer cane hits half armour, I make short work of the Vespas with my 220mm's as I'm burning away from them making them easy to track. Vespas down I swing round and get in a tight Orbit of the Harbinger.

I went for a tight orbit as him being a shield tanked Harbinger meant that he wasn't going to have a cap booster to support his very cap hungry lazors, and as a double medium neut cane with most of their armour buffer gone, it was in my best interests to make myself as hard to track as possible WHILE I OVERHEAT MY NEUTS AND DESTROY THE KRIMINALZ OFFENSIVE CAPABILITIES \o/

I'm in low armour by the time his lazors switch off, and with his lazors drained of cap, and no damage drones, I'm highly confident that I won't be taking anymore damage, so I proceed to move out from my close orbit...



And props to stigirl for engaging on an even footing despite their corp ticker.



  1. The "lazors" tag made me lol for some reason.

    Pro Cane driving officah.

  2. I wonder if something has changed within EVE Uni lately. For the first time that I can remember, I spotted one of them flying solo in Evati a week or so ago.

    (And yes, I attacked him after I recovered from the shock of seeing only one EVE Uni pilot in system.)

  3. Haha great post Lady S. We Unistas have teeth after all, eh?

  4. Seems you had more luck than we did. We get the dubious honour of having to wait 45 minutes before FW will finally fight us, by which time they show up with FORTY FOUR people and a carrier to engage our 10 man HAC gang. And they STILL lost some guys while killing us :/

  5. There has been no change, just that a lot of us have a desire to learn how to PVP better, which you don't learn in a big fleet. It's hard at low SP to fight with even numbers, but no risk = no reward = nothing learned.

    That said, shame on you Lady S. You know what I'm talkin' about :(

  6. Its not about even numbers, most people will engage eve uni outnumbered, its about 2 blackbirds jamming your solo stabber in a really close fight....
    Just get rid of your ecm spam and you will get more fights in lowsec. Cause why should i bother attacking solo when i have 4 ecm boats on scan?

  7. I think a large part of it is people not being able to differentiate between wartime sop and peacetime lowsec roams.
    ECM heavy fleets are perfect for wartime, cause the sop is all about denying the wts any kills at all.
    Peacetime roams should be about learning how to fight.